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Dungeons Redux is a sample app that shows how to use the Android Billing Library by Robot Media. 
It is a simplified version of the Dungeons in-app billing sample app provided by Google.

Dungeons Redux does not intend to be an example of how to use in-app billing in general, just 
Android Billing Library.

Configuring the sample application

Before you can run the sample application, you need to add your Android Market public key to the
sample application code. This enables the application to verify the signature of the transaction
information that's returned from Android Market. To add your public key to the sample application
code, do the following:

1. Log in to your Android Market publisher account (http://market.android.com/publish).
2. On the upper left part of the page, under your name, click Edit Profile.
3. On the Edit Profile page, scroll down to the Licensing & In-app Billing panel.
4. Copy your public key to the clipboard.
5. Open src/net/robotmedia/billing/example/Application.java in the editor of your choice.
6. Search for the following line:
   return "your public key here";
7. Replace the string with your public key.
8. Save the file.

After you add your public key to the Application.java file, you can compile the application as you
normally would.

Running the sample application

You cannot run the sample application in the emulator. You must load the application onto a device
to run it.

In-app billing requires version 2.3.0 of the Android Market application. To run the sample
application you must have this version (or a newer version) installed on your device. You can check
the version of the Android Market application by doing the following:

1. Open Settings on your device and touch Applications.
2. In Application Settings, touch Manage applications.
3. Touch All to list all applications.
4. Scroll down and touch the Market application.
5. The version number appears under Market at the top of the screen.

Additional information and resources

To learn more about the in-app billing service, see the online documentation:


To learn more about Android Billing Library, see: