Tracking reruns of This American Life
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These American Lives

Tracking reruns of This American Life

What is this?

This is a web app that tracks when each episode of This American Life is re-aired. doesn't have this information.


Basically I got fed up with an old rerun getting posted, and I start listening but then 5 minutes in I say "wait a minute, I've already heard this episode from 6 years ago, they just reran it last month!" So I spent hours building this site to save me 5 minutes every few weeks, because that's the kind of guy I am.

How does it work?

The site regularly scrapes for updated episode information and updates its own database of episodes and airings.


  • install Postgres
  • install Vapor
$ cd TALReruns
$ vapor build


  1. Add a TALReruns/Config/postgresl.json with your db information
    "hostname": "",
    "user": "<user>",
    "password": "<password>",
    "database": "<database>",
    "port": 5432
  1. $ vapor run serve. The app will scrape all needed episodes from, and any re-runs shown on the homepage

What's next?

  • Link together episodes with later "updated" versions e.g. 628 is an updated version of 307
    • Maybe grab the info about each segment and display each episode that those appear in?... hm...
  • Statistics page
  • Episode search
  • User submission of past re-runs via a real form instead of some Google crap
  • Better design from someone who actually know what they're doing