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Group software repositories of the iCub eco-system (but code developed is not necessarily iCub specific!).


Welcome to the Robotology Github organization. This organization hosts various software repositories of the iCub eco-system (but code developed is not necessarily iCub specific!).

🚧 This page is currently under construction. 🚧

Here is a list (autogenerated by this github action) of all the public repos contained in this organization:

Name Description CI status
assistive-rehab Assistive and Rehabilitative Robotics Build Status
assistive-rehab-storage Storage repository for Assistive and Rehabilitative Robotics
attention Multimodal Attention System for the iCub
bayes-filters-lib A flexible, modern, C++ recursive Bayesian estimation library. Build Status
blender-robotics-utils Set of utilities for exporting/controlling your robot in Blender
blockfactory A tiny framework to wrap algorithms for dataflow programming
blocktest Test system for generic robot middlewares
blocktest-custom-plugins Repository containing custom plugins for blocktest
blocktest-ros-plugins Repository containing the ros plugins for blocktest
blocktest-yarp-plugins Repository containing the yarp plugins for blocktest
c4d-icub-plugins plugins for Cinema4D
calibration-supervisor Code for supervising camera calibration using optimized chessboard poses
cardinal-points-grasp Simple superquadric-based grasping pose generator for iCub
cer Contains SW specific to the R1 robots
cer-sim Official URDF and SDF models of the R1 humanoid robot.
cer-tests Contains tests for the R1 robot
cfw002 Holds sources for the cfw002 Linux device driver.
community Virtual repository hosting Discussions and Questions & Answers
d4c Dynamic Force Field Control
diagnostic-daemon Application for handling diagnostic messages from the RTOS boards, from yarprobotinterface and any other UDP source.
dialog-service Repository to create a human-robot interaction based on conversation
event-driven neuromorphic sensor integration with YARP and iCub
find-superquadric Fit a partial point cloud with a superquadric
funny-things A collection of "funny" yet useful behaviors for the iCub
gazebo-fmi FMI import plugins for the Gazebo Simulator.
gazebo-yarp-plugins Plugins to interface Gazebo with YARP. Build Status
gesture-recognition This package contains modules that deal with gesture recognition
gh-action-nightly-merge Automatically merge the stable branch into the development one
gh-action-squash Squash all commits in a PR into the first one
grasp Components to provide the robot with power and precision grasp capabilities
gym-ignition Framework for developing OpenAI Gym robotics environments simulated with Ignition Gazebo
gym-ignition-models Collection of robot models compatible with gym-ignition
gz-sim-yarp-plugins YARP plugins for Modern Gazebo (gz-sim). Build Status
himrep Hierarchical Image Representation
homebrew-formulae 🍻 Robotology homebrew formulae for macOS
how-to-document-modules Scripts and templates to help you document your code nicely
how-to-export-cpp-library An OS-agnostic C++ library template in plain CMake.
human-dynamics-estimation Software repository for estimating human dynamics
human-gazebo URDF models of humans created to perform human robot interaction experiments.
human-sensing This repository contains software related to human sensing
iCubWorld This repository contains the iCubWorld dataset.
icub-basic-demos A container for basic demos illustrating some iCub capabilities Build Status
icub-contrib-common Meta-package to configure contrib modules and libraries
icub-firmware iCub Firmware
icub-firmware-build iCub Firmware Builds
icub-firmware-models Models underlying the iCub Firmware
icub-firmware-shared Protocols and Other Stuff Used both by iCub Firmware and iCub Software
icub-gazebo-grasping-sandbox A public sandbox for simulating grasping in Gazebo with the iCub humanoid
icub-hri iCub-HRI: A coherent framework for complex HRI scenarios on the iCub
icub-main The iCub Main Software Repository Build Status
icub-models Official URDF and SDF models of the iCub humanoid robot.
icub-models-generator Resources and programs to generated models (URDF, SDF) of the iCub robot
icub-tech-support Virtual repository that provides support requests for individual robots
icub-tests Contains tests for iCub robot Tests are written using the robot-testing framework
icub-tutorials Tutorials on iCub code
icub-workspace-estimation This repository deals with the task of computing the workspace of the iCub given a proper kinematic representation.
idyntree Multibody Dynamics Library designed for Free Floating Robots Build Status
idyntree-yarp-tools Tools based on the iDynTree library that depend on YARP. Build Status
iit-ibm Repository for the joint lab between IIT and IBM
ikart Components to control the iKart device
iol Interactive Objects Learning
karma Contain modules for experimenting affordance learning with the iCub
logpolar Log-Polar functionalities
natural-speech This repository contains a codebase to build automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems for iCub and run them within YARP. It also proposes new articulatory-based and unsupervised models for ASR.
navigation Yarp modules and devices for autonomous navigation Build Status
online-detection-demo Fast object detection learning with CNN and kernel based architecture
osqp-eigen Simple Eigen-C++ wrapper for OSQP library
peripersonal-space This repository deals with the implementation of peripersonal space representations on the iCub humanoid robot.
poeticon This is the repository of the POETICON++ EU project
point-cloud-read Module to acquire point clouds from iCub.
r1-grasping Container for code and discussions around Grasping with R1 robot
realsense-holder-calibration A tool for estimating the iCubHeadCenter to RealSense transformation matrix when using the iCub RealSense holder.
rfsmTools A set of tools to execute, debug and create rFSM LUA-based state machines
robometry Telemetry suite for logging data from your robot 🤖 Build Status
robot-testing-framework Robot Testing Framework (RTF)
robotology-conda-binary-repackaging-recipes Recipes for packaging as conda package closed source dependencies of robotology software.
robotology-documentation Documentation of Robotology repositories
robotology-superbuild CMake/YCM-based superbuild to simplify the build process of robotology projects. Build Status
robotology-superbuild-dependencies-vcpkg Pre-compiled vcpkg root with Windows binary dependencies of the robotology-superbuild
robotology-vcpkg-ports Collection of vcpkg ports available on limited platforms just in binary form.
robots-configuration Contains robots configuration files Build Status
sdf-modelica URDF/SDF to to Modelica model converter.
segmentation Components for image segmentation
segmentation-to-pointcloud Module to capture pointclouds from segmented blobs in 2D or 2.5D images
simmechanics-to-urdf Script for converting simmechanics XML files to URDF
skeleton3D Bridge between 2D Tensorflow-based human pose estimation and 3D estimation from stereovision
software-grasp-synergies Module implementing grasping synergies in software for the iCub hand and TypeSafe Bottles release
speech Apps for speech recognition and speech synthesis
stereo-vision Repository containing apps for stereo vision
superbuild-example This is a simple repository that shows how to make a superbuild project.
superimpose-mesh-lib A modern C++ augmented-reality library to superimpose 3D objects on images.
superquadric-grasp Framework for grasping object using superquadric models
superquadric-grasp-demo Object modeling and grasping with superquadrics and visual-servoing
superquadric-grasp-example Collect frameworks for modeling and grasping demos
superquadric-model Framework for modeling and visualizing objects through superquadrics
tool-affordances Repo for Affordance project related stuff
tool-incorporation This repo contains the modules to perform 3D tool exploration
unicycle-footstep-planner Repository for the Unicycle-based FootStep Planner.
vagrant-icub Vagrant configurations files to create VirtualBox virtual machine with YARP and iCub-main sources and dependancies
visual-tactile-localization In-hand object tracking for the iCub humanoid robot.
visual-tracking-control A C++ visual tracking app of the iCub hand using a 3D model-aided particle filter.
walking-controllers Bipedal locomotion software for the humanoid robot platform iCub.
walking-teleoperation Software related to walking and teleoperation.
wb-toolbox Simulink toolbox to rapidly prototype robot controllers
wearables Data collection framework for wearable sensors
whole-body-controllers Simulink-based whole body controllers for humanoid robots.
whole-body-estimators YARP devices that implement estimators for humanoid robots. Build Status
yarp YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform Build Status
yarp-device-ovrheadset LibOVR device for YARP (
yarp-device-pylon Contains a YARP device driver supporting the Basler cameras
yarp-device-realsense2 realsense2 device for YARP ( Build Status
yarp-device-rplidar rplidar device for YARP (
yarp-device-speechTranscription-whisper A yarp plugin to perform speech transcription using openai whisper Build Status
yarp-device-template A template for a repository containing a yarp device/plugin Build Status
yarp-device-ultrapython Contains a YARP device driver supporting the UltraPython cameras
yarp-device-vicon-bridge This is a yarp device driver providing data from VICON motion capture systems.
yarp-device-xsensmt YARP Device Driver for XSens MT* devices based on the MT Software Suite. Build Status
yarp-devices-forcetorque YARP Drivers for various commercial Force Torque sensors. Build Status
yarp-devices-google-cloud Yarp devices that use google-cloud-cpp libriaries
yarp-devices-haptic Generic YARP driver for Haptic Devices
yarp-devices-llm Collection of yarp devices for Large Language Models Build Status
yarp-devices-ros Network wrapper servers and clients for yarp-ros interoperability Build Status
yarp-devices-ros2 Plugins, devices and network wrappers for Yarp-ROS2 interoperation Build Status
yarp-documentation Documentation for YARP Build Status
yarp-joypad-tools Set of YARP tools to interact with Joypads.
yarp-matlab-bindings SWIG-based bindings of YARP for Matlab and Octave, based on the MEX C-API.
yarp-omega3 Simple YARP-based server to send position/force set points to a Force Dimension Omega.3 robot Build Status
yarp-ros Repo under construction! please do not use it! Build Status
yarp.js JavaScript bindings for YARP!
ycm-cmake-modules YCM (YCM CMake modules) is a collection of various useful CMake modules. Build Status


  1. yarp yarp Public

    YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform

    C++ 510 192

  2. icub-main icub-main Public

    The iCub Main Software Repository

    C++ 107 103

  3. icub-tutorials icub-tutorials Public

    Tutorials on iCub code

    C++ 19 9

  4. robots-configuration robots-configuration Public

    Contains robots configuration files

    CMake 14 67

  5. icub-tech-support icub-tech-support Public

    Virtual repository that provides support requests for individual robots

    20 1

  6. community community Public template

    Virtual repository hosting Discussions and Questions & Answers

    25 12


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