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Funny Things



funny-things is a repository which contains, among other funny things, a set of modules for easy scripting and execution of non-interactive (pre-programmed) demos. These modules (funnyPostures, iCubBlinker and gaze.lua) are devised to perform a set of actions, including moving, gazing, blinking, face expressions, etc, which can be easily handled through rpc commands. Moreover, these calls can be managed directly through the use of bash (.sh) scripts, which allow easy synchronization, ordering and test of these calls so that they can be predefined for particular demos. Several examples are available in the repo.

Step-by-step guide

  • Clone
  • Compile the project
    • cd into the repo folder (./funny-things)
    • mkdir build
    • ccmake ../
    • make
    • make install
  • Open icubDemoScripts (or icubDemoScriptsSIM to work on the simulator) template, adapt them and save as apps.
  • Open or create a new script file (.sh) and modify or add any commands to suit your demo needs.
  • Set robot environment (start robot or run yarpserver and iCub_SIM on simulator).
  • If they are not running yet, open the emotions and speech applications:
    • Face_Expressions
    • iCubSpeech  * Open the icubDemoScripts (or icubDemoScriptsSIM ) app and launch and connect modules.  * On the terminal, go to the ./funny-things/app/scripts/shells folder.
  • Run any desired command from the command line as ./<scriptname>.sh <command> - eg ./isp-movements welcome.
  • If new functionality is required, the easiest procedure is to copy an existing .sh with another name ( can be a good starting point), and modify it to suit your needs.

For more info, see:


A collection of "funny" yet useful behaviors for the iCub