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Perspective Taking

Various packages which implement the results reported in Fischer and Demiris ICRA2016.

For installation, please

  1. Install ROS. For this, follow the instructions at (make sure you install the proper version depending on your version of Ubuntu) and install the ros-*-desktop-full package.
  2. Install catkin_tools: "sudo pip install -U catkin_tools"
  3. Within "wysiwyd/main/src/modules/perspectiveTaking", run "catkin build".
  4. Within "wysiwyd/main/src/modules/perspectiveTaking", run "source devel/setup.bash"; consider putting this (with absolute path, obviously) in your ~/.bashrc
  5. "roslaunch perspective_taking perspective_taking.launch" and you are ready to go! You can enable / disable the various nodes at the top of the launch file.

If you use this module, please refer to the following paper:

author = {Tobias Fischer and Yiannis Demiris},
title = {{Markerless Perspective Taking for Humanoid Robots in Unconstrained Environments}},
booktitle = {IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation},
pages = {3309--3316},
year = {2016},