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Creates an animated tag cloud effect from an unordered list


Download and include jQuery library.

Now download and include this script:

<script src="/path/to/scAnimatedTagCloud.jquery.js"></script>


Sample HTML:

<div class="scTagsContainer scTags">
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle3"><span>LAMP</span><span class="scInitialHidden">.NET</span></li>            
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle2"><span>git</span><span class="scInitialHidden">svn</span></li>
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle1"><span>LESS</span><span class="scInitialHidden">HTML</span></li>
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle3"><span>MySQL</span><span class="scInitialHidden">MSSQL</span></li>
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle2"><span>PHP</span><span class="scInitialHidden">CSS</span></li>
                <li class="scExpressiveFontStyle3"><span>Symfony</span><span class="scInitialHidden">CakePHP</span></li>

Initialize and start the plugin:



Author's Note: Although the configuration values are stated below, in the current version only the default values are supported.

The following default configuration values can be overrided:

this.defaults = {
    styles: {1:'scExpressiveFontStyle1'}, //array of strings representing CSS classes to apply to tags
    density: 100, //values: 0-100, percentage of tags that are shown at one time (so some may be hidden at times)
    speed: 2000, //values in ms, for how fast animation occurs
    speedVariance: 0, //shift speed by +/- random value
    animateCount: 1, //value for how many elements to animate at once
    initialOrder: 'static', //options: static, random. random mixes tag order on page load
    initialStyles: 'static', //options: static, random, ascending, descending. random mixes tag styles on page load
    insertionOrder: 'random', //options: random, queue, queuereverse. determines how tags are removed/inserted
    animation: 'switch', //options: random, fade, slide, toggle, switch, removeonly, insertonly
    animationSpeed: 800, //values: jquery values
    position: 'fluid' //options: hold, fluid. hold keeps elements in place. fluid moves stuff around

Version History



William Lee