Pure python implementation of WPILib for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)
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RobotPy WPILib

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This repository contains the source code for a 100% python implementation of WPILib, the library used to interface with hardware for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Teams can use this library to write their robot code in Python, a powerful dynamic programming language.

Note: RobotPy is a community project and is not officially supported by FIRST. Please see the FAQ for more information.


All RobotPy documentation can be found at http://robotpy.readthedocs.org


Installation instructions can be found in the RobotPy documentation


  • wpilib - python implementation of WPILib
  • hal-base - Contains base functionality the wpilib package uses to interface with the HAL
  • hal-roborio - Functionality to allow hal-base to interface with the HAL C library via ctypes
  • hal-sim - All HAL functions write to a data structure that can be used for simulation and testing




Peter Johnson (@PeterJohnson, FRC Team 294) & Dustin Spicuzza (@virtuald, FRC Team 1418/2423) are the primary maintainers of RobotPy.

Christian Balcom (@computer-whisperer, FRC Team 4819) has done a significant amount of work on the pure python port of WPILib, and various useful tooling.

Other contributors include:

  • Sam Rosenblum (@sarosenb, FRC Team 2423)