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Commits on Jul 30, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent funtoo profile updates 41209e4
Commits on Aug 01, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent bison fixes 6664d5b
@angryvincent angryvincent new debian-sources to test 6a21b29
Commits on Aug 02, 2011
@Heather Heather debian-sources-3.0 18d2db7
@Heather Heather masked debian-sources-3.0 8853992
@angryvincent angryvincent manifest fix 3a8e227
@angryvincent angryvincent debian-sources-3.0 ebuild clean-up fef89eb
@danielrobbins danielrobbins sqlalchemy 0.7.2 c3a626d
@danielrobbins danielrobbins Merge branch 'master' of b18782d
Commits on Aug 04, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent more udev desktop support 0ce99f0
Commits on Aug 05, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent udev fix ea85abb
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel5-stable- 793d73e
@danielrobbins danielrobbins Merge branch 'master' of 82d04ab
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel6-stable- 82a2dc3
@danielrobbins danielrobbins openvz masks for testing 15633ef
@angryvincent angryvincent virtual/dev-manager fork 49d7466
@angryvincent angryvincent Merge branch 'master' of 73ffc91
Commits on Aug 07, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent perl-core unfork d786133
Commits on Aug 09, 2011
@golodhrim golodhrim mask update for eclipse in flora 5df8aa5
Commits on Aug 13, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent eix bump b0ece00
@angryvincent angryvincent manifest fix d3aa384
Commits on Aug 15, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins boot-update 1.5.3 - partition part_ prefix fix 7f0deb8
@danielrobbins danielrobbins masking boot-update-1.5.3 ed3c92e
@angryvincent angryvincent portage-9999, warning about configuration f9cb922
@golodhrim golodhrim fix for thirdpartymirrors 13e2503
@golodhrim golodhrim new thirdpartymirrors 4a1ff5f
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent funtoo profile clean-up 173dea7
@golodhrim golodhrim clean up of staging and creating of flora mask :) b675e03
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel6-stable that builds OK bd4d6d8
@danielrobbins danielrobbins rhel6 little tweak, new rhel5 openvz kernel (masked), new genkernel 3…
….4.15-r2 required by the new rhel5 kernel
@danielrobbins danielrobbins video4linux v1 disable for openvz-rhel6-stable compilation aa0137f
@danielrobbins danielrobbins removing old openvz-sources mask c0e5be7
Commits on Aug 17, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins nginx-1.0.5 to stable, 1.1.0 to unstable, added missing patch, bumped…
… versions of some plugins, other ebuild tweaks
@danielrobbins danielrobbins removing openconnect - now exists in gentoo 568a273
@danielrobbins danielrobbins gptfdisk-0.7.2 added edfbe68
@danielrobbins danielrobbins nodejs-0.4.10 be9687b
@danielrobbins danielrobbins openrc-0.8.3-r2 to stable 76dc1b3
@danielrobbins danielrobbins bumping module-init-tools-3.16 to stable 88d87fe
@golodhrim golodhrim adding gtk to funtoo 1.0 gnome mix-ins 127d85d
@golodhrim golodhrim Merge branch 'master' of 9ca53c0
@danielrobbins danielrobbins avahi fork - enable utilities by default ed74dbc
@danielrobbins danielrobbins enable dbus in avahi to get command-line utils and daemon 7c9fe1a
Commits on Aug 18, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins Merge branch 'master' of 6c90304
@danielrobbins danielrobbins use slashbeast's unison ebuild 7b4f089
@danielrobbins danielrobbins only update mini-2011 tree.... 939793f
Commits on Aug 19, 2011
@adessemond adessemond Added dev-lang/python-2.7.1-r3 (backport of fixes suggested for Gento…
…o bug #374579)
@adessemond adessemond dev-lang/python-2.7.1-r3 masked for testing 1d7ee30
Commits on Aug 20, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent bison dep correction b3751c1
@angryvincent angryvincent funtoo profile, virtualbox support d77effd
@golodhrim golodhrim adding new funtoo-flora masks 82207b6
@golodhrim golodhrim adding new funtoo-flora masks 23bcc1e
Commits on Aug 21, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent eix-0.22.11 to current 174a92a
@angryvincent angryvincent Merge branch 'master' of 802ebf7
@adessemond adessemond Masking of sys-block/iscsitarget- 508c32c
@golodhrim golodhrim forking gentoo-syntax to funtoo-syntax for vim and skel.{ebuild,metad…
…ata.xml} to funtoo compatible
Commits on Aug 22, 2011
@adessemond adessemond Masks for app-emulation/virtualbox-4.1.2 added a287193
@adessemond adessemond Merge branch 'master' of 41cdca3
@golodhrim golodhrim gentoo-syntax update and renaming of funtoo-syntax, as of eclass prob…
@golodhrim golodhrim Merge branch 'master' of 01cc78e
@golodhrim golodhrim setting correct default use flag for gentoo-syntax 8d21213
@angryvincent angryvincent eix to stable acdc970
@adessemond adessemond Typo forrection for dev-lang/python 3792bec
@adessemond adessemond Merge branch 'master' of 108a6e3
@golodhrim golodhrim funtoo-use for 2k8 profile for gentoo-syntax 7be4b4d
@golodhrim golodhrim adding default welcome page to nginx c5457ee
@golodhrim golodhrim old gentoo-syntax adding 84435aa
@golodhrim golodhrim new gentoo-syntax update 82fd500
@golodhrim golodhrim masking for stable of gentoo-syntax with funtoo makeup 413ce0d
Commits on Aug 23, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent debian-sources- to stable, remove old 4a03275
@golodhrim golodhrim index.html update for nginx a284665
@golodhrim golodhrim Merge branch 'master' of 4615c9a
@golodhrim golodhrim mask for gentoo-syntax as broken with portage 2.3.4 and earlier 95c4afc
@adessemond adessemond Masking of >=sci-geosciences/googleearth- due to unmet requ…
…ired dependencies with >=sys-libs/glibc-2.12 as of 23rd Aug 2011
Commits on Aug 24, 2011
@golodhrim golodhrim add of linode sources with test mask 6e67f52
@golodhrim golodhrim fix for openvz 195cba1
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent udev-171, linux-headers-2.6.38 to current bca8ac4
@danielrobbins danielrobbins fixing udev failed stage build issue -- usbutils required at compile …
@danielrobbins danielrobbins another fix for udev... unconditionally enable those deps 88fc9dd
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel6-stable with upstream bug fixes 4e9fe12
@danielrobbins danielrobbins masking udev-171 for caution - reported issue with sysrescue-std kern…
…el needs to be investigated
@danielrobbins danielrobbins removing rhel5/genkernel staging mask 2aa5f10
@danielrobbins danielrobbins unbumping linux-headers-2.6.38. lack of v4l support not accounted for…
… in udev.
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent sysvinit update d4241bd
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
@golodhrim golodhrim update mask for virtual/linux-sources-3.0 58b39cc
Commits on Sep 01, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins various little tweaks bd5fbce
@danielrobbins danielrobbins nodejs-0.4.11 rev bump with our python2 fixes 024f615
@angryvincent angryvincent set gd flag to php 20a92df
Commits on Sep 02, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent some tweaks b9f430f
Commits on Sep 06, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new merge script tweak to log copied/replaced files and portage-2.3-r…
…5 (masked for testing)
Commits on Sep 07, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins portage-2.3-r6 for quick testing and unmasking 981a3be
@angryvincent angryvincent sysvinit update (disable agetty clear) d4ba953
Commits on Sep 08, 2011
@golodhrim golodhrim unmasking new portage a62074b
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel{5,6}-stable masked for testing ca3434b
Commits on Sep 09, 2011
@angryvincent angryvincent typo fix :( b797d8e
@golodhrim golodhrim add patch for nginx to webapp-config ac36cd2
@golodhrim golodhrim doubled patchwork 5076efc
Commits on Sep 10, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins sys-apps/portage-2.3-r7 with latest upstream changes from 2.2_alpha55…
…, masked for testing. Should fix ca-certificates build.
@danielrobbins danielrobbins Merge branch 'master' of c6cc5e8
@danielrobbins danielrobbins Manifest fix and adding threads to python2.6 deps (required due to a …
…python bug in io module)
@danielrobbins danielrobbins some new code to deal with thirdpartymirrors modification - …
@danielrobbins danielrobbins typo fix 82564cb
@danielrobbins danielrobbins another typo fix ff196c6
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins unmask portage-2.3-r7 to fix ca-certificates and other issues. feb7109
@angryvincent angryvincent sysvinit unmask a6d1b32
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new genkernel-3.4.15-r3 (unmasked) with Linux 3 support, and genkerne…
…l-3.4.18_alpha1 (upstream merge) masked, needs testing.
@danielrobbins danielrobbins new openvz-rhel6-sources for testing, masked e023e52
@danielrobbins danielrobbins genkernel-3.4.18_alpha2 for testing 444755f
@danielrobbins danielrobbins genkernel-3.4.15-r4 with some minor fixes 14a0974
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins genkernel-3.4.18, funtoo version (masked for testing, but seems to be…
… working well.)
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
@danielrobbins danielrobbins udev mirror fix 4e07cd6
@robotrongt modified sys-kernel/genkernel/genkernel-3.4.15-r[124] for robotrongt …