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bollwyvl Require SeleniumLibrary 3.3.0 (#11)
* remove backport of presskeys

* fix homepage

* use jupyter-notebook for canonical command

* quoting in bat

* autobuild ftw

* add changelog and more interlinkage, project command for docs

* more fixes'n'stuff

* nope, keeping our element screenshot for now

* add output screenshotter for classic

* eek, actually test on chrome, start working nteract outputs

* nteract scrolling

* formatting and doc generation output

* more chrome devil hunting

* just hide the status bar on nteract

* use ctrl-enter in classic

* add handlig for osx flower key

* bye bye press keys

* some more docs

* wait for idle kernel on lab notebook launch

* try waiting for kernel indicator first

* try just sleeping

* more waiting

* eek apply css

* also more waiting in classic

* use a wait
Latest commit 8e5cbf0 Jan 6, 2019
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Failed to load latest commit information. Require SeleniumLibrary 3.3.0 (#11) Jan 6, 2019 Require SeleniumLibrary 3.3.0 (#11) Jan 6, 2019 combine logs, try to fix notebook/nteract issue Dec 16, 2018 gate lint with linux Dec 16, 2018
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