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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 1, 2022. It is now read-only.


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Robots-JU FLL 2018 Scoreboard

This project is archived because it was merged into

Unofficial web scoreboard for the FLL 2018 (Into Orbit) Robot Game.

This is a private project that is not supported or approved by the FIRST® LEGO® League. However it may be the official scoreboard for some events organised by Robots-JU.

Feel free to report bugs and suggestions in the issues !

How to use

Robots-JU hosts the latest version at No need to install anything !

Compile yourself

This is a Mithril application that uses our Robot Game Scorer library for unit tested output. It is build with Babel and Webpack via Laravel Mix.

# Clone the repo, and run the following in it to build the app
yarn install
yarn dev # also check `yarn watch` and `yarn production`, these are standard Laravel Mix shortcuts
# Application is ready in the `site` folder
# Just open `site/index.html` in your browser to start

Images copyrights

The table overview image and the Into Orbit logo come from the official Robot Game material. Both images were resized and compressed to a more suitable size.

The missions illustrations displayed with each task come from the Missions overview page on the FLL Europe website by HANDS on TECHNOLOGY. Thanks for making them, they are great !

Text copyrights

Applies to all mission strings in missions.json.

Code license

This code is released under the MIT license. The logic behind the scoreboard is hosted at and is also subject to the MIT.