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A clone of the 2:30 Timer of the FIRST LEGO League Robot Game
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FLL Timer

This is a clone of the FIRST LEGO League Timer we can see at the Robot Games.

It uses the same colors as the original one but that's where the similarities end. This one uses a special "7 segments" font, has an tool box to set a custom time, and is open source !


  • 2:30 Timer designed for the Robot Game challenge of the FLL
  • Designed for full screen mode
  • Timer turns red when reaching 10 seconds
  • You can set your own custom time
  • Keyboard shortcuts: SPACE/ESC to start/pause the timer and R to restart


This is an independent project that is not tied to the organisators of the competition by any mean.

Feel free to make propositions to make it better =)

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