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Releases: robotsinthesun/monkeyprint

Monkeyprint Version 0.14.1

10 Feb 10:38
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  • Now includes Windows executables for 32 and 64 bit architectures.
  • Small fixes.

Monkeyprint 0.14.0

02 Feb 19:02
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Monkeyprint now runs on Windows and Linux

Major changes:

  • switch GUI framework from GTK to Qt4
  • create package for Windows
  • remove Raspberry Pi server stuff, focus on the essentials
  • focus on G-Code based printer controller boards
  • update the readme with new install and usage instructions

Note: this version requires further testing and might contain bugs, especially the printer communication via serial.
Please report bugs here!

Multi body stl slicing and multiple start layers with different exposure

20 Dec 14:24
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Increase version number to 0.13.0

#19 fixed
#20 fixed

Slicer redesign finished

06 Dec 21:21
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Slicer redesign finished

Fix for slicer crashes and migration to VTK6

26 Oct 16:06
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Slicer doesn't crash anymore as threading race condition is solved.
Thanks to kakaroto Monkeyprint now runs with VTK5 and VTK6.

Slicer still uses lot's of memory for storing the slices. This will be solved in next release.


25 Sep 06:38
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New example project file and minor fixes.