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A clone of QuickLZ (the FAST compression library)

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== README ==

 0.) The Quick Version
 1.) Prerequisites
 2.) Building
 3.) Installing
 4.) Contributing

== 0. The Quick Version ==

  Do this:
	export PREFIX=/usr/local
	make install
	(cd python && env python ./ install --prefix=$PREFIX)

  To compile with debugging symbols, use this option to ./configure:
        ./configure -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug


 This project requires:
  * Cross-platform Make (CMake) v2.8+
  * GNU Make or equivalent.
  * GCC or an alternative, reasonably conformant C++ compiler.
  * Python 2.6/2.7 (for the python module)

== 2. BUILDING ==
 This project uses the Cross-platform Make (CMake) build system. However, we
 have conveniently provided a wrapper configure script and Makefile so that
 the typical build invocation of "./configure" followed by "make" will work.
 For a list of all possible build targets, use the command "make help".

 NOTE: Users of CMake may believe that the top-level Makefile has been
 generated by CMake; it hasn't, so please do not delete that file.


 Once the project has been built (see "BUILDING"), execute "sudo make install".


 Clone this project at github and then send a pull request!
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