NPE when compiling Scala library #1

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Compiling a simple "Hello World" scala file gives me two files in classes/, and HelloWorldScala$.java. Then, to compile it to a binary, I use robovm -verbose -cp scala-library.jar:classes/ HelloWorldScala. It goes through and compiles a lot of classes, but then eventually gets to scala.concurrent.forkjoin.ForkJoinTask and fails with this exception:

    at soot.jimple.toolkits.annotation.arraycheck.ArrayBoundsCheckerAnalysis.doAnalysis(
    at soot.jimple.toolkits.annotation.arraycheck.ArrayBoundsCheckerAnalysis.<init>(
    at soot.jimple.toolkits.annotation.arraycheck.ArrayBoundsChecker.internalTransform(
    at soot.BodyTransformer.transform(
    at soot.Transform.apply(
    at soot.BodyPack.internalApply(
    at soot.Pack.apply(
    at org.robovm.compiler.MethodCompiler.doCompile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.AbstractMethodCompiler.compile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.ClassCompiler.method(
    at org.robovm.compiler.ClassCompiler.compile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.ClassCompiler.compile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.AppCompiler.compile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.AppCompiler.compile(
    at org.robovm.compiler.AppCompiler.main(

This is using Scala 2.10 and RoboVM 0.0.1.


Same for me on Linux x86 with JRE 1.7.0_09.

@ntherning ntherning added a commit that closed this issue Jan 25, 2013
@ntherning ntherning Fixes #1. NPE is thrown by Soot's ArrayBoundsCheckerAnalysis when the…
… first unit in a static method is the target of other units in the method. We now insert a nop as the first unit in such methods to work around this problem. This thread on Soot's mailing list has more info:
@ntherning ntherning closed this in 99a324c Jan 25, 2013

Here's some Java code which triggers this Soot problem:

    static int[] x = {1};
    static void foo() {
        while (true) {
@ntherning ntherning added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 23, 2014
@ntherning ntherning Fixed LocalVariable tables in Soot for parameters and 'this' to alway…
…s start

on the first unit of the body of a method. This fixes an issue with the
LocalSplitter splitting parameters which are written without being read first.

Also removed the special compilation of Object.<init>() as it didn't create
allocas as expected by compiler plugins. Object.<init>() will now be compiled
as any other method and the call to register_finalizable() will be inserted

Also fixed so that the nop inserted by MethodCompiler to workaround a bug in
Soot's ArrayBoundsCheckerAnalysis (see #1) is removed right after the Soot
passes have been run. Otherwise the start unit for parameter LocalVariables
will not be the first unit of the method any longer.
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