get byte[] from NSData without newDirectBuffer or new byte array #1196

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yujinfu commented Nov 20, 2015

Hi, dear robovm team, please add a method to NSData to get the byte[] without new a native direct buffer or new a byte array
I saw the NSData.getBytes(long,long) was protected, so I can just use java reflection to call the method brutally ,
now I call it like below:

private void getData(byte[] data,UIImage image){
        try {
            NSData nsData = image.getCGImage().getDataProvider().getData(); //all these invoke was directly to call object-c method
                        //@Method(selector = "getBytes:length:")
                       // protected native void getBytes(@Pointer long buffer, @MachineSizedUInt long length);
                       // this one also directly call object-c method
            Method method = nsData.getClass().getDeclaredMethod("getBytes", Long.TYPE,Long.TYPE); 
            method.invoke(nsData, VM.getArrayValuesAddress(data), nsData.getLength());
        } catch (Exception e) {
@ntherning ntherning added this to the 1.11 milestone Nov 20, 2015

I suggest we add methods:

int copy(ByteBuffer buffer, int dataOffset, int count);
int copy(byte[] buffer, int bufferOffset, int dataOffset, int count);

to NSData. These will copy at most count bytes to buffer starting at dataOffset. The number of copied bytes will be returned. -1 is returned if dataOffset >= data.length. This is similar to how works.

yujinfu commented Nov 20, 2015

good job

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