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Photo Albums

Here are several of my random photo albums. As you can see, I am quite fond of taking pictures of my possessions.

Desk Pictures


.. imgur-embed:: a/ZHAJF

Rack Cabinet

Ever since I took a Cisco CCNA class back in high school in 2002 I've always wanted a rack at home. I even bought one on Craigslist in 2007 for $100 but it had round holes and it was very shallow. Turns out it was meant for music equipment.

Eventually I came across this one back at Symantec as they were about to throw it away once our lab was shut down. I also scored that tape autoloader and 2200VA UPS, and over $500 worth of brand new, never used, still shrink wrapped LTO-3 tapes. They were in a garbage bin!

September 17th, 2016


.. imgur-embed:: a/ePSyN

July 13th, 2015


.. imgur-embed:: a/hWyW0

October 25th, 2013


.. imgur-embed:: a/1ncP4

August 21st, 2012


.. imgur-embed:: a/lBGaa

June 10th, 2011


.. imgur-embed:: a/00mLw


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