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#SOSI reader plugin for GeoTools

This plugin allows geoTools to read features from SOSI standard .sos files. (SOSI is a Norwegian geodata standard.) It makes use of the JSOSI library to parse the files, and is really just a wrapper around it that complies with the GeoTools API and plugin discovery system.

##Disclaimer This was hacked together quickly and dirtily at FOSS4G 2015 after attending the GeoTools DataStore Workshop. Under no circumstances should you use it anywhere near production code! For serious work with SOSI and GeoTools, use FME to transform it into something edible.

It needs a fair bit more work before I'd consider submitting it to GeoTools Unsupported Modules.


  • The way it does BuildFeatureType is wasteful. Since SOSI files don't come with any kind of schema in the file (you can use external object catalogues for that, but you're not required), the only way I've found to get the feature types is to scan all the objects and check all of their properties, then use that to define the featuretype. Needless to say, this means setting up the FeatureSource takes as long as running through all the datain a file.
  • We can implement some kind of cache of discovered schema for future reuse. (I think the geojson reader in geotools does this, so that could be a good place to look for inspiration.)
  • SOSI files kan refer to an object catalogue in the header, so if we have those we can supply them, either in some kind of repository (may be license issues there) or as a user parameter.
  • Oh yeah, everything is read as a String.
  • I don't actually know the SOSI standard and have based this on what I see in JSOSI and asking people who know SOSI basic questions.

##License Like JSOSI, this is under the Apache License, version 2.0


A plugin for GeoTools to allow reading SOSI (.sos) files






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