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    This project is a port of Dug Song's arpspoof( to Android.

Arpspoof redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to 
either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network.  Be sure to have IP forwarding
enabled or use an application that will forward the traffic, otherwise the targets will suffer a DOS.

Arpspoof can be installed two different ways.  The binary compiled from the C code can be used 
by itself from a terminal emulator or you can build the apk and install that on the device.

                                      Compiling the C code
    - libpcap 
    - libnet
    First you'll need to have the NDK installed.
    cd into Arpspoof's jni directory and run ndk-build.
    (optional)run "ndk-build clean" to clean up all the files you no longer need.

installing just the binary:
    copy the binary you've just created over to the Android device at a convenient location(ie /data/local/bin/)
    execute the binary from a terminal emulator as root
                                      Building the apk

Place the binary you created named arpspoof into the project's res/raw/ directory.
Then build the apk just like you would any other Android app.