A PHP library for XML Security
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xmlseclibs is a library written in PHP for working with XML Encryption and Signatures.

The author of xmlseclibs is Rob Richards.


Both the master and the 2.0 branches are actively maintained. The 1.4 branch is only updated for security related issues.

  • master: Removes mcrypt usage requiring 5.4+ (5.6.24+ recommended for security reasons)
  • 2.0: Contains namespace support requiring 5.3+
  • 1.4: Contains auto-loader support while also maintaining backwards compatiblity with the older 1.3 version using the xmlseclibs.php file. Supports PHP 5.2+


xmlseclibs requires PHP version 5.4 or greater. 5.6.24+ recommended for security reasons

How to Install

Install with composer.phar.

php composer.phar require "robrichards/xmlseclibs"

Use cases

xmlseclibs is being used in many different software.

Basic usage

The example below shows basic usage of xmlseclibs, with a SHA-256 signature.

use RobRichards\XMLSecLibs\XMLSecurityDSig;
use RobRichards\XMLSecLibs\XMLSecurityKey;

// Load the XML to be signed
$doc = new DOMDocument();

// Create a new Security object 
$objDSig = new XMLSecurityDSig();
// Use the c14n exclusive canonicalization
// Sign using SHA-256

// Create a new (private) Security key
$objKey = new XMLSecurityKey(XMLSecurityKey::RSA_SHA256, array('type'=>'private'));
If key has a passphrase, set it using
$objKey->passphrase = '<passphrase>';
// Load the private key
$objKey->loadKey('./path/to/privatekey.pem', TRUE);

// Sign the XML file

// Add the associated public key to the signature

// Append the signature to the XML
// Save the signed XML

How to Contribute

Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/xmlseclibs