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voxpelli commented Jun 25, 2013

Hi Rob,

I did some updates to this module.

First of all I updated it to become a NPM - added a package.json file.
Then I added some methods that helps with making graceful shutdowns on eg. Heroku by making sure that there are no connections hanging around waiting for updates in an otherwise shutdown app.
I also did a coding style makeover even though I know how much people can hate when others do that to their code, but since this is a pretty old package I'm sure you agree that the old coding style was a bit out of date with the current Node community.

Would be lovely to get these changes upstream and have a package published on NPM. If you don't like the coding style changes then I can surely pick them out and make this a pull request for just the new features.

voxpelli added some commits Jun 12, 2013

Exporting function at top level as well
Makes for a nicer looking import:

var LongPollingBuffer = require('longpollingbuffer'),
  pollbuffer = new LongPollingBuffer(100);
Moved to use double spaces for indention
To better conform with ordinary Node coding standards
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