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echo "Updating git submodules"
sh ./bin/
echo "Creating static folders"
mkdir ./project/static/images
mkdir ./project/static/css
echo "Copying Markup and CSS BoilerPlate..."
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/404.html ./project/views/404.ejs
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/js/plugins.js ./project/static/js/plugins.js
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/css/handheld.css ./project/static/css/handheld.css
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/css/style.css ./project/static/css/style.css
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/robots.txt ./project/static/robots.txt
echo "Removing the stuff you dont want..."
echo "Initing the new git project..."
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