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+Node Boilerplate
+node-boilerplate takes html-boilerplate, express, connect and Socket.IO and organizes them into a ready to use website project. Its a fast way to get working on your Node website without having to worry about the setup.
+To start a project:
+ git clone git:// mynewproject
+ cd mynewproject
+ sh ./bin/
+To run the boilerplate template app:
+ node ./project/app.js
+(click on the send message link to see in action)
+To add additional modules:
+You can git clone any other modules into the lib folder. Any modules cloned into the git folder can be required as global modules ie.. require('somemodule').
7 bin/
@@ -15,7 +15,12 @@ cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/css/style.css ./project/static/css/style.css
cp ./lib/html5-boilerplate/robots.txt ./project/static/robots.txt
echo "Removing the stuff you dont want..."
+rm -rf .git
+rm -rf bin
echo "Initing the new git project..."
+git init
+git add .
+git commit -m"Initial Commit"

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