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Add Windows initproject script

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dandv committed Feb 27, 2013
1 parent 2606cd9 commit f3d8a83aa44ffc2cd85797c324f239313ad5399e
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+REM @echo off
+echo "Creating necessary folders..."
+mkdir .\static
+mkdir .\static\images
+mkdir .\static\css
+mkdir .\static\js
+mkdir .\views
+mkdir .\models
+mkdir .\test
+echo "Copying code, markup and CSS boilerplate..."
+copy .\templates\app\server.js .\server.js
+copy .\templates\app\package.json .\package.json
+copy .\templates\app\.gitignore .\.gitignore
+copy .\templates\app\config.json .\config.json
+copy .\templates\app\Makefile .\Makefile
+copy .\templates\test\stub.js .\test\stub.js
+curl https:\\\h5bp\html5-boilerplate\master\css\main.css > .\static\css\style.css
+copy .\templates\views\500.jade .\views\500.jade
+copy .\templates\views\404.jade .\views\404.jade
+copy .\templates\views\index.jade .\views\index.jade
+copy .\templates\views\layout.jade .\views\layout.jade
+copy .\templates\js\script.js .\static\js\script.js
+REM TODO copy over the models
+echo "Setting up dependencies from NPM..."
+npm install
+echo "Removing stuff you don't want..."
+del /S /F .git
+del /S /F templates
+echo "Initializing new git project..."
+git init
+git add .
+git commit -m"Initial Commit"

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