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mongoose/mongodb template? #14

chovy opened this Issue Sep 14, 2011 · 12 comments
chovy commented Sep 14, 2011

Would it be possible to add support for a simple mongoose/mongodb setup?


@chovy are you still interested in this feature? I am debating if I should add it in version2. I have the code pretty much written, but the issue is how to make it easy for people to get a mongo db setup. The goal for this project has always been to have everything work after the initial script is run. Setting up a mongo install might complicate things and be a barrier for new users.

chovy commented Jan 3, 2012

Personally, I think it would be beneficial. What good is an app without a database instance? :-D

@chovy chovy closed this Jan 3, 2012
@chovy chovy reopened this Jan 3, 2012
chovy commented Jan 3, 2012

woops, I closed this thread on accident.


+1 mongodb template


+1 for me, too




+1 for me too

  • 1 Ditto
cyrilic commented Jun 29, 2012



I disagree, this locks you into one database type (what if you want couchdb, or need mysql for legacy?)

there are some cases you don't want a database instance, I started using expressling and found dependence on mongo to be an obstacle, and not an easy one to remove either as its integrated quite tightly.

The reason i'm now going to use node boilerplate is exactly because it doesn't have a db tie in.

Perhaps have db support in a seperate branch, one for mongo, then poss one for redis/couch/mysqll etc?


once i fix up expressling you can use it


Does anyone have a fork set to use mongodb to try out? Err, I guess robrighter might. I'd be interested in checking it out, even if it was just in a branch or fork of this repo.

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