Simple cross platform desktop notifications for node-webkit
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##NW Desktop Notifications

A simple system for creating desktop notifications for node-webkit applications.


By including nw-desktop-notifications.js and nw-desktop-notifications.html in your project you can create desktop notifications for your application by calling:

window.LOCAL_NW.desktopNotifications.notify(iconUrl, title, content, clickHandlerCallback);

##Running the demo

(1) Clone this project

(2) cd into the project

(3) make the nw zip file


(4) Run the nw application

nw desktop-notify.nw

(This assumes you have nw aliased to node-webkit)

alias nw='~/Applications/'

##Update the Look-and-Feel

You can update the look and feel of the desktop notifications by updating the css embedded (via style tag) in nw-desktop-notifications.html.