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Test uses of super #1

robrix opened this Issue Oct 7, 2010 · 4 comments


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robrix commented Oct 7, 2010

Is special handling required for super? Specifically:

  1. In methods mixed into a class: a method in concrete protocol A calls some method on super; the protocol is mixed into class B; the method should call B’s superclass’ implementation, not A’s superclass (i.e. RXConcreteProtocol). @hatfinch suggests implementing -[RXConcreteProtocol forwardInvocation:] if necessary. objc_msgSendSuper appears to receive some precalculated information about the superclass as its first argument. If this is generated at runtime then no special handling is likely to be required, but if it’s generated at compile-time (which seems to be the case) then more effort is necessary.
  2. In methods calling a mixed-in method on their superclass. (I expect this to function correctly already, but it needs to be tested.)

Ideally this should function identically to any normal method in both cases.

h/t @hatfinch

Just looked into this again and discovered you need something like:

struct objc_super s = { self, [self superclass] };
objc_msgSendSuper(&s, @selector(foo));

Should be possible to use a trampoline and category on NSObject to achieve cleaner syntax, e.g.

[[self runtimeSuper] foo];


robrix commented Jul 27, 2011


Spoke too soon and was corrected by Apple's Runtime Wrangler:



robrix commented Jul 27, 2011

block object IMPs sound like they might be promising.

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