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Docker image for Koken. Uses Ubuntu, nginx, MySQL, and PHP 5.
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Unoffical Image for installing Koken. Major difference between this and the offical container is that this uses a seperate mysql container instead of one inbuilt into the container;


  • Automatically sets up and configures the database for Koken and skips that step in the installation process.
  • Adds a cron job to do periodic cleanup of the image cache.
  • nginx/PHP configured for best Koken performance.
  • Can be used on any machine with Docker installed.
  • Uses seperate mysql container


  1. Have Docker installed (
  2. have a mysql container running see here for help of starting one up

Simple Setup

wget -qO- | sudo bash

Server will now be running on port 90 and storage created at /data/koken

Custom Installation

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Build the image docker build -t image-name .
  3. docker run -d -p <port>:8080 -v <dir for koken>:/usr/share/nginx/www --link <mysql container name>:mysql <image-name> /sbin/my_init
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