Rust-based VST plugin development library with hardware accelerated GUI support.
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NOTE: This library is undergoing major changes, abandoning conrod support in favor of a custom gui layer. The progress of the gui front end can be followed at - expect an update here within a few days.

Simple library for developing VST2 plugins in 100% rust. The Steinberg SDK is not required (thankfully), and I believe therefore your code will not be subject to Steinbergs lame license. Most complexity is abstracted away and the user need only focus on what's important - processing dsp and accessing a simple immediate mode UI via conrod. I'll be looking to move away from conrod as rust matures and better alternatives appear (or I develop my own), as conrod is a truly horrible experience, but for now, using it via dd_core isn't too painful.

Support for audiounit and lv2 will come in the future - any help on this would be highly appreciated!

This library would not exist without overdrivenpotato and boscops hard work on the rust-vst2 crate.

Currently the code compiles on Mac OS and Windows, with Mac being the first-class citizen over Windows. Increased and ongoing support for Linux and Windows would be nice but I currently only use Mac OS.

You could look at for an example of how to compile and package a plugin on mac - the vst-bundler script from rust-vst2 is included in the scripts directory.

More examples coming soon!