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sscaffold combines css rules from normalize.css, skeleton.css, and milligram into a single, reorganized, easy-to-use css file, with bugfixes and a few other updates and additions. It emphasizes sensible defaults and semantic HTML.

Size vs. skeleton and milligram

sscaffold is a little bit heftier than skeleton or milligram:

Library Minified Size (1)
Skeleton 2.0.4 (2) 7.7K
Milligram 1.3.0 (3) 11K
sscaffold 0.1.0 (4) 14K
  • (1) Each css file was run through cssminifier for an apples-to-apples comparison.
  • (2) The Skeleton 2.0.4 package includes Normalize 3.0.2. The current version of Normalize is 8.0.1. Normalize 3.0.2 was added to the Skeleton 2.0.4 file before minifying it.
  • (3) Milligram 1.3.0 requires Normalize 5.0.0. The current version of Normalize is 8.0.1. Normalize 5.0.0 was added to the Milligram 1.3.0 file before minifying it.
  • (4) sscaffold 0.1.0 has no external dependencies. Normalize 8.0.1 has already been integrated into sscaffold.css.

For 3K over Milligram and 7K over Skeleton you save an https request and get the features of both plus a few extras.

Using sscaffold

The current version is 0.1.0.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha256-NxJ/Enl6+QKA3ysgZq44/qc6cWmUXbAB/hl+QFBuMck=" crossorigin="anonymous">


npm install sscaffold-css

If you want it added to another repository, dependency management system, or cdn, open an issue requesting it and I'll get on it.


The home page is a demo and brief overview of the current release.

Complete documentation is available at


Like everything else it evolved from, sscaffold is being released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.


sscaffold exists thanks to:

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