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Tools for using Emacs to write Unicode characters in plain LaTeX
Emacs Lisp
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UTF-8 Is Love
Robert J. Simmons

There are two parts to this package. First, an \input-able TeX file that allows
TeX to correctly interpret UTF-8 characters (this is written entirely by me
and therefore released under the MIT License) and an Emacs "Quail" mode that 
makes it easy to use LaTeX syntax to input Unicode into TeX files (modified 
from Emacs's latin-ltx.el and consequently released under the GNU General 
Public License).

I use the TeX Live distribution for OS X along with TeXShop, which means that
I clone the repository to the directory to ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/utf8islove.
This effectively puts utf8islove.el in the search path for LaTeX, and so if 
I start my tex files with the following:


the correct TeX magic gets imported into the file: you can have unicode 
characetrs in your LaTeX file, such as "δαíμων," and it will interpretet
them in the correct math-y font whether or not the characters are in math mode
(by using \ensuremath).

The other key component is an Emacs mode that allows us to type the series
of characters "\delta\alpha\'i\mu\omega\nu" and have "δαíμων" show up in our
Emacs buffer. I just add the following lines to my .emacs file:

;; Set Up UTF8IsLove
(load "~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/utf8islove/utf8islove.el")

Instructions for getting this to work cleanly on other systems would be much

 - Rob
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