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<?php include "classes.php" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<?php include "head.php" ?>
<!-- Navigation -->
<?php include "navbar.php" ?>
<!-- Page Content -->
<div class="container">
<!-- Page Heading/Breadcrumbs -->
<h1 class="mt-4 mb-3">Sidebar Page
<ol class="breadcrumb">
<li class="breadcrumb-item">
<a href="index.php">Home</a>
<li class="breadcrumb-item active">About</li>
<!-- Content Row -->
<div class="row">
<!-- Sidebar Column -->
<div class="col-lg-3 mb-4">
<div class="list-group">
<a href="index.php" class="list-group-item">Home</a>
<a href="about.php" class="list-group-item">About</a>
<a href="services.php" class="list-group-item">Services</a>
<a href="contact.php" class="list-group-item">Contact</a>
<a href="portfolio-1-col.php" class="list-group-item">1 Column Portfolio</a>
<a href="portfolio-2-col.php" class="list-group-item">2 Column Portfolio</a>
<a href="portfolio-3-col.php" class="list-group-item">3 Column Portfolio</a>
<a href="portfolio-4-col.php" class="list-group-item">4 Column Portfolio</a>
<a href="portfolio-item.php" class="list-group-item">Single Portfolio Item</a>
<a href="blog-home.php" class="list-group-item">Blog Home 1</a>
<a href="blog-home-2.php" class="list-group-item">Blog Home 2</a>
<a href="blog-post.php" class="list-group-item">Blog Post</a>
<a href="full-width.php" class="list-group-item">Full Width Page</a>
<a href="sidebar.php" class="list-group-item active">Sidebar Page</a>
<a href="faq.php" class="list-group-item">FAQ</a>
<a href="404.php" class="list-group-item">404</a>
<a href="pricing.php" class="list-group-item">Pricing Table</a>
<!-- Content Column -->
<div class="col-lg-9 mb-4">
<h2>Section Heading</h2>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Soluta, et temporibus, facere perferendis veniam beatae non debitis, numquam blanditiis necessitatibus vel mollitia dolorum laudantium, voluptate dolores iure maxime ducimus fugit.</p>
<!-- /.row -->
<!-- /.container -->
<!-- Footer -->
<?php include "footer.php" ?>
<!-- Bootstrap core JavaScript -->
<?php include "scripts.php" ?>
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