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The Chatbot software is powered by a language understanding api to handle human questions.

Chatbot Understands

  • Greetings
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Gibberish (not really)

Chatbot's brain - Chatbot requires some free-ish apis to answer questions.
*NOTE: You must create your own accounts to get these endpoints and api keys.

  • Language Understanding (LUIS) - LUIS enables you to integrate natural language understanding into your chatbot or other application without having to create the complex part of machine learning models.
  • Google Geocode - The Geocoding API is a service that provides geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses.
  • DarkSky - The Dark Sky API allows you to look up the weather anywhere on the globe.
  • Aplha Vantage - This suite of APIs provide realtime and historical global equity data in 4 different temporal resolutions: (1) daily, (2) weekly, (3) monthly, and (4) intraday. Daily, weekly, and monthly time series contain 20+ years of historical data.
  • Bootswatch - You can use the API to integrate the themes with your platform.
  • Amazon Web Services (optional)- Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.
    • AWS public endpoint
    • S3 Bucket

You should place these keys in the templated appsettings.json file.`

"Configurations": {  
  "AWSCDN": "",  
  "S3BucketName": "",  
  "ThemesEndpoint": "",  
  "LanguageUnderstandingEndpoint": "",  
  "LanguageUnderstandingAppKey": "YOUR KEY HERE",  
  "LanguageUnderstandingApiKey": "YOUR KEY HERE",  
  "GoogleAddressLookupEndpoint": "",  
  "GoogleApiKey": "YOUR KEY HERE",  
  "DarkSkyEndpoint": "",  
  "DarkSkySecretKey": "YOUR KEY HERE",  
  "AplhaAdvantageApiKey": "YOUR KEY HERE",  
  "AplhaAdvantageApiEndPoint": ""  
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