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Mautic plugin that allows you to receive data as a webhook from OptinMonster

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Simple plugin to allow services like OptinMonster to be integrated to Mautic.

OptinMonster is a paid service that allows you to design forms, lightboxes and configure them in a different variety of ways. But it needs a lead service tool in order to work - and out-of-the-box, no opensource or free service is available.

The goal of this plugin is exposing a webhook and insert the lead into a form, as you were submitting a form post.

Still under development, and should be adding more features soon.


  • Just copy the folder directly into your plugins directory and clear you cache. Either doing php app/console cache:clear or rm -rf app/cache;
  • Create a form, adding name and email as the requested fields - use that name for them, too, as the plugin expects this way. Map the fields to the corresponding leads fields;
  • After saving, your form will have an id. You can find this id, clicking on your forms page - will look like this: - where 1 is the form id;
  • Go to optinmonster, click over our desired optin and move to integrations. Click add another integration, and select webhook. On webhook url, type the url: - where is your domain, and id and the number you got in the previous step
  • After saving, you should have a lead with the email You may delete it.

More to come.


Mautic plugin that allows you to receive data as a webhook from OptinMonster






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