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1 GPS 2 HTML Report
2 ================
4 This is a utility written in Haskell, to generate HTML reports from GPS track files.
6 Included in the report:
8 * Details of the journey... journey time, distance travelled etc..
9 * Diagrams charting speed, elevation, accumulated distance etc..
10 * OpenStreetMap diagram highlighting the GPS track
12 A few examples can be seen [HERE](
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14 The Haddock documentation pages can be found [here](
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16 Installation
17 ------------
18 It is assumed that you have the Haskell Platform installed.
20 Just run these commands to configure and install the `gps2HtmlReport' utility, run these commands:
22 ```
23 cabal configure
24 cabal install
25 ```
27 This Haskell program also makes use of the bindings to **GraphcsMagick** and **Cairo**, and so the necessary system packages need to be installed, via a *nix package manager.
29 On an RPM-based package manager, run this command as root:
31 ```
32 yum install GraphicsMagick cairo
33 ```
35 Prerequisites
36 -------------
37 First of all, you need to have your GPS date in a GPX file. There are many gpx exporters available. I use my Android phone to take GPX tracks, with a great application, [OSMTracker]( This application allows you to export your GPS tracks to GPX.
39 Usage
40 -----
41 The program will search for all files ending in ".gpx", and for each one, generate a HTML report.
43 ```
44 $ cd $location_of_gpx_files
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45 $ ls
46 1.gpx 2.gpx 3.gpx
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47 $ gps2HtmlReport
48 Processing 3 file(s)...
49 Processing '1.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/1/index.html
50 Processing '2.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/2/index.html
51 Processing '3.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/3/index.html
52 ```
54 Notes
55 -----
56 This project requires testing!
58 If you are able to use the utility to generate HTML reports, then I'd like to hear suggestions for improvements. If you are **unable** to run it, then I **really** want to hear from you. What the problem is; How far did you get; or better still, send me the .gpx file.
60 I'd also like to know what is required to make this utility work on non-Linux systems. This has been tested on a Fedora Linux machine. Does it work on Mac OSX? Windows? What needs doing to run it on other Linux distro's?
62 Either way, get in touch!
65 Credits
66 -------
67 Thanks goes to the developers of the [gpx2png project](, which is used to generate the OpenStreetMap image.
69 In addition, thanks to [Thomas DuBuisson](, for implementing the `gps' package and contributing it to Hackage.
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