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{-# LANGUAGE RecordWildCards,DeriveDataTypeable #-}
module Main where
import Data.GPS hiding (name, id)
import System.FilePath
import System.Directory
import Text.Html hiding (name)
import System.Console.CmdArgs
import Data.GPS.Gps2HtmlReport.HTMLGenerator (generateHtmlPage)
import Data.GPS.Gps2HtmlReport.JourneyCharts (renderToPng,chart1,chart2)
import Data.GPS.Gps2HtmlReport.DrawOsm (generateOsmMap)
data MyOptions = MyOptions
{ imageOnly :: Bool
} deriving (Data, Typeable, Show, Eq)
-- Customize your options, including help messages, shortened names, etc.
myProgOpts :: MyOptions
myProgOpts = MyOptions
{ imageOnly = def &= help "Generates only an image of the track overlay on an OpenStreetMap layer"
getOpts :: IO MyOptions
getOpts = cmdArgs $ myProgOpts
&= verbosityArgs [explicit, name "Verbose", name "V"] []
&= versionArg [explicit, name "version", name "v", summary _PROGRAM_INFO]
&= summary (_PROGRAM_INFO ++ ", " ++ _COPYRIGHT)
&= helpArg [explicit, name "help", name "h"]
&= program _PROGRAM_NAME
_PROGRAM_NAME = "gps2HtmlReport"
_PROGRAM_ABOUT = "A Haskell utility to generate HTML page reports of GPS Tracks and Track overlays on OpenStreetMap tiles"
_COPYRIGHT = "(C) Rob Stewart 2011"
main :: IO [()]
main = do
opts <- getOpts
optionHandler opts
-- Before directly calling your main program, you should warn your user about incorrect arguments, if any.
optionHandler :: MyOptions -> IO [()]
optionHandler opts@MyOptions{..} =
exec opts
exec :: MyOptions -> IO [()]
exec MyOptions{..} =
if imageOnly
then processGps False
else processGps True
-- | Reads the current directory for all .gpx files, then maps to `generateReport' for each one
processGps :: Bool -> IO [()]
processGps fullReport = do
curDir <- getCurrentDirectory
allFiles <- getDirectoryContents curDir
let allFilesSplit = map splitExtension allFiles
let gpxFiles = filter (\(_,b) -> b==".gpx") allFilesSplit
putStr ("Processing "++show (length gpxFiles)++" file(s)...\n")
mapM (\(a,b) -> generateReport (curDir++"/"++a) (a++b) fullReport) gpxFiles
-- | Creates empty directory for each web report
createEmptyDir :: FilePath -> IO ()
createEmptyDir dir = do
exists <- doesDirectoryExist dir
if exists then removeDirectoryRecursive dir >> createDirectory dir else createDirectory dir
-- | Generates the HTML report for each .gpx file,
-- or simply an osm.png file if the '--imageonly' argument
-- is used
generateReport :: FilePath -> FilePath -> Bool -> IO ()
generateReport webDir gpxFile fullReport = do
points <- readGPX gpxFile
case length points of
0 -> putStr "Unable to parse GPX file. Skipping..."
_ -> do
createEmptyDir webDir
if fullReport then do
putStr "Generating statistical charts...\n"
renderToPng (chart1 points) (webDir++"/chart1.png")
renderToPng (chart2 points) (webDir++"/chart2.png")
writeFile (webDir++"/index.html") (renderHtml $ generateHtmlPage points)
putStr "Downloading OpenStreetMap tiles...\n"
generateOsmMap webDir points
putStr $ "Processing '"++gpxFile++"' complete. Report saved in: "++webDir++"/index.html\n"
else do
putStr "Downloading OpenStreetMap tiles...\n"
generateOsmMap webDir points
putStr $ "Processing '"++gpxFile++"' complete. Image saved in: "++webDir++"/osm.png\n"
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