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Generates a HTML page report detailing a GPS journey, with charts, statistics and an OpenStreetMap graphic.
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GPS 2 HTML Report

This is a utility written in Haskell, to generate HTML reports from GPS track files.

Included in the report:

  • Details of the journey... journey time, distance travelled etc..
  • Diagrams charting speed, elevation, accumulated distance etc..
  • OpenStreetMap diagram highlighting the GPS track

A few examples can be seen HERE.

The Haddock documentation pages can be found here.


It is assumed that you have the Haskell Platform installed.

Just run these commands to configure and install the `gps2HtmlReport' utility, run these commands:

cabal configure
cabal install

This Haskell program also makes use of the bindings to GraphcsMagick and Cairo, and so the necessary system packages need to be installed, via a *nix package manager.

On an RPM-based package manager, run this command as root:

yum install GraphicsMagick cairo


First of all, you need to have your GPS date in a GPX file. There are many gpx exporters available. I use my Android phone to take GPX tracks, with a great application, OSMTracker. This application allows you to export your GPS tracks to GPX.


The program will search for all files ending in ".gpx", and for each one, generate a HTML report.

$ cd $location_of_gpx_files
$ 1.gpx 2.gpx 3.gpx
$ gps2HtmlReport
Processing 3 file(s)...
Processing '1.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/1/index.html
Processing '2.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/2/index.html
Processing '3.gpx' complete. Report saved in: /home/foo/gps_tracks/3/index.html


This project requires testing!

If you are able to use the utility to generate HTML reports, then I'd like to hear suggestions for improvements. If you are unable to run it, then I really want to hear from you. What the problem is; How far did you get; or better still, send me the .gpx file.

I'd also like to know what is required to make this utility work on non-Linux systems. This has been tested on a Fedora Linux machine. Does it work on Mac OSX? Windows? What needs doing to run it on other Linux distro's?

Either way, get in touch!


Thanks goes to the developers of the gpx2png project, which is used to generate the OpenStreetMap image.

In addition, thanks to Thomas DuBuisson, for implementing the `gps' package and contributing it to Hackage.

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