Generates bibtex files for authors identified in the DBLP database


Note This program depended on the Sindice web service. This service was shut down in May 2014. For this dblp2bibtex program to work again, an alternative web service offering a similar interface to DBLP records will need to be saught. Pull requests welcome!

This dblp2bibtex tool provides 3 features, primarily generating bibtex files for authors identified in the DBLP database. Authors are disambiguated with Unique Resource Identifiers, which are used extensively in this utility.

  • Search for a DBLP URI given a name (e.g. "Simon Peyton Jones")
  • List the titles of publications for a give author URI
  • Generate a bibtex file for all publications authored by the given author URI


dblp2bibtex [OPTIONS]
  A Haskell utility to generate bibtex files for an author identified with a DBLP URI

Common flags:
  -g --generatebibtex=Author URI  Get bibtex file for given URI
  -s --search=Author name         Search for URI by name (e.g. "Joe Bloggs")
  -l --listpapers=Author URI      List papers for an author URI
  -o --outfile=Bibtex filename    (default 'export.bib')
  -x --xref                       Include cross reference entries
  -h --help                       Display help message
  -v --version                    Print version information


$ dblp2bibtex -s "Simon Marlow"

$ dblp2bibtex -l
Developing High-Performance Server Applications in Haskell - Case Study: A Haskell Web Server.
A Semantics for Imprecise Exceptions.
Deforestation for Higher-Order Functions.
Composable memory transactions.

$ dblp2bibtex -x -g -o papers.bib


The Haskell platform is needed to resolve dependencies and to install dblp2bibtex. It can be downloaded easily using package managers on most Linux distributions, or directly from Haskell Platform.

cabal update
cd ~/path-to-install
git clone git://
cd dblp2bibtex
cabal install


This can be regarded as experimental software, and will probably have edge case bugs. Contributions are welcome! Please report issues on the GitHub issues: issues.