rdf4h is a library for working with RDF in Haskell
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rdf4h - An RDF library for Haskell

Available on Hackage License BSD3 Build Status

rdf4h is a library for working with RDF in Haskell.

For details see the GitHub project page:


RDF formats

The coverage of the W3C RDF standards are:

Format Parsing Serialising
NTriples complete complete
Turtle complete complete
RDF/XML partial (115/162 W3C tests) not supported

These results are produced with version 3.1.0 of this library (commit https://github.com/robstewart57/rdf4h/commit/1d0073e3ff9645bcdc4451b81fc79d96927c6006).

These tests are run on the W3C unit tests for RDF formats: https://github.com/w3c/rdf-tests.

Pull requests are welcome to fix the RDF/XML parser bugs identified with the W3C unit tests :)

Running tests

To run all the tests (parsers and the library API):

$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ git submodule foreach git pull origin gh-pages
$ stack test --test-arguments="--quickcheck-tests 1000"

To run specific parser tests when bug fixing:

$ stack test --test-arguments="--pattern /parser-w3c-tests-ntriples/"
$ stack test --test-arguments="--pattern /parser-w3c-tests-turtle/"
$ stack test --test-arguments="--pattern /parser-w3c-tests-xml/"

Running benchmarks

To run the bencharks:

$ wget https://www.govtrack.us/data/rdf/bills.099.actions.rdf.gz
$ gzip -d bills.099.actions.rdf.gz
$ stack bench