The resulting code from my culture hack scotland 2012 hack - RDFizing The List event data
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This hack is really just a programming excercise :-)

What data: The List event 2012

What I've done with it

  • I've written a Haskell program that...
  • Transforms the XML into RDF
  • Defines a schema for The List specific fields
  • Reuses ontologies for field e.g. location (wg84pos)
  • Serializes the RDF into the Turtle file format

In addition...

  • The program goes out to to the The List web API to grab more info about locations
  • Goes out to Linked Geo Data and discovers the nearby pubs to the venue (within 100 metres)

Why?! have I done it?

  • Linked Open Data is really awesome.
  • It'd great to have The List on the cloud of linked open data
  • ... on this map:
  • (More exposure on the semantic web for The List events!!)
  • Venue location info is disambiguated, so all kinds of interesting information can be sought from the semantic web (finding pubs is just a proof-of-concept).


  • list_mappings.hs <- the Haskell code to generate the turtle file
  • list.ttl <- the file generated
  • README <- this file

What next?

  • You can install a SPARQL endpoint... point it at the .ttl file, and you have a semantic search endpoint for free out-of-the-box.
<#fringe>    rdf:type ja:RDFDataset ;
    rdfs:label "FringeData" ;
      [ rdfs:label "" ;
        a ja:MemoryModel ;
        ja:content [ja:externalContent <file:/location/to/rdf_output.ttl> ] ;
      ] ;