@robstoll robstoll released this Jul 20, 2018 · 1208 commits to master since this release

Jar's can be found here: https://bintray.com/robstoll/tutteli-jars/atrium/0.3.0
API Maturity: Almost Stable
Implementation Maturity: Development
(I provide a more or less a stable API for users of Atrium but not yet for implementers of atrium)

Included in this release:

assertion functions


  • Translator including a PropertiesBasedTranslationSupplier
  • OnlyFailureReporting
  • SameLineAssertionFormatter
  • DetailedObjectFormatter
  • ArgumentFormatter

Improvements compared to 0.2.0

  • i18n support for assertions and assertion verbs
  • feature assertion for methods (0.2.0 had only feature assertions for properties)
  • a few more assertion functions
  • improved formatting in DetailObjectFormatter (boolean, enums, and KClass are treated specially)
  • further improved Code-Documentation incl. a better readable layout (see KDoc)

Not included in this release yet

  • basic assertion functions for collections (containsOnly, contains, containsNot, containsInOrder etc.)
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