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Jar's can be found here: https://bintray.com/robstoll/tutteli-jars/atrium/0.4.0
API Maturity: Almost Stable
Implementation Maturity: Development

I provide more or less a stable API for users of Atrium. Only the ReporterBuilder, which you use only to build your own assertion verb might slightly change its API (so migrating will be just a few lines in one file). There won't be any changes in the API of the assertion functions/builders.
However, I do not provide yet a stable API for the core of Atrium -- this might affect you if you write your own assertion functions as well as when you provide your own implementation of the core of Atrium.

Included in this release:

Functions to create single assertions and assertion groups.

assertion functions and builders


  • Translator including a PropertiesBasedTranslationSupplier
  • OnlyFailureReporting
  • TextSameLineAssertionFormatter
  • DetailedObjectFormatter
  • ArgumentFormatter

Improvements compared to 0.3.0

  • splitting of API and implementation; which enables to define multiple APIs
  • feature assertion builders for collection/iterable
  • introduction of explanatory assertion groups
  • fixes for IAssertionPlantCheckingLazily -> simplified, introduce ReportingPlant as a replacement
  • improved README, better explained examples

Not included in this release yet

  • overload for Iterable<T> contains assertions which support identification lambdas for nullable types.
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