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This is an HTML/CSS project that to test my knowledge on what I have learned since I started learning on THE ODIN PROJECT to the point I have gotten to in the project.

I tested my knowledge on the following in both HTML and CSS

==> HTML structure; I have learned and understanf the basic structure of an html web page and the element that enable you to build the it. Elements like; ==> which specify the version of HMTL. ==> which is the main HTML tag in which all other HTML tags reside. ==> which contains the page information. ==> <title> which is the title for the web page. ==> which is the container for main content on your web page. ==> for links to other web pages. ==> for adding images to a web page. ==>

    1. for creating a list of items on a web page. ==>
      for breaking a web page to various sections. ==> e.t.c

      ==> CSS structure or syntax; I have learned the basic CSS syntax used for styling web pages to a desirable preference of the developer. Like moving content on the web page to different locations, changing the color,font-size,font-family,text-docoration,background-color,margin, padding, border,display, and e.t.c.

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