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An interactive terminal interface to the bimmer_connected library
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An interactive text-mode interface to the bimmer_connected library.

This program depends on the library. Motorlaunch is not created by or endorsed by m1n3rva, the owner of that project. Install that library per instructions in that project's README. Alternatively, you may also download the python scrips found there to a subdirectory of the location where you have saved named 'bimmer_connected'. Bimmer_connected library has different license terms, make sure you agree to those when using it.

Any meaningful use of this project requires internet connectivity, a BMW ConnectedDrive account, and at least one supported BMW or Mini vehicle. This program is subject to internet outages, availability of the BMW Connected Drive servers, and cellular modem connectivity to your vehicle(s). This project also depends on BMW's continued support for the Connected Drive service.

This program is not created by endorsed by BMW. Compliance with BMW's terms of service is the responsibility of the user.

There will be bugs in early versions. Use at your own risk.

Read through the source code for more information. Contributions of code, translations, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome. If you want to by me a cup of coffee or a few kWh of electricity visit:

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