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# EditorClient
# Created by Rob Tillotson on 8/17/09.
# Copyright (c) 2009 Rob Tillotson. All rights reserved.
from Foundation import *
from AppKit import *
from fourcc import *
from ODBEditorSuite import *
import subprocess, os
# Kind of wish we could do this with cocoa, but oh well
from aetypes import *
from aepack import pack
from Carbon import AE
from Carbon import AppleEvents
import Carbon.File
EDITOR_COMMAND = "/Applications/ -c -a '' +%(linenum)s '%(filename)s'"
class EditorClientWorker(NSThread):
def initWithODB(self, path, linenum=0, odb_app=None, odb_token=None):
self = super(EditorClientWorker, self).init()
self.path = path
self.linenum = linenum
self.odb_app = odb_app
self.odb_token = odb_token
return self
def main(self):
pool = NSAutoreleasePool.alloc().init()
NSLog("editing thread started for %s" % self.path)
NSLog("shell command: %@", EDITOR_COMMAND % {'linenum': self.linenum, 'filename': self.path})
stdin = open('/dev/null','r')
stdout = open('/dev/null','w') % {'linenum': self.linenum, 'filename': self.path},
shell=True, stdin=stdin, stdout=stdout, stderr=stdout)
#os.system(EDITOR_COMMAND % {'linenum':self.linenum, 'filename':self.path})
# Send the "file closed" ODB event.
if self.odb_app:
NSLog("sending file closed event to %s, %s" % (self.odb_app, type(self.odb_app)))
target = AE.AECreateDesc(AppleEvents.typeApplSignature, self.odb_app[::-1]) # For strange endianness reasons, have to reverse this
event = AE.AECreateAppleEvent(kODBEditorSuite, kAEClosedFile, target, AppleEvents.kAutoGenerateReturnID, AppleEvents.kAnyTransactionID)
if self.odb_token:
event.AEPutParamDesc(keySenderToken, pack(self.odb_token, typeWildcard))
fsr = Carbon.File.FSPathMakeRef(self.path)[0]
event.AEPutParamDesc(AppleEvents.keyDirectObject, pack(fsr))
event.AESend(AppleEvents.kAENoReply, AppleEvents.kAENormalPriority, AppleEvents.kAEDefaultTimeout)
#evt_app = NSAppleEventDescriptor.descriptorWithTypeCode_(fourcc(self.odb_app))
#evt = NSAppleEventDescriptor.appleEventWithEventClass_eventID_targetDescriptor_returnID_transactionID_(fourcc(kODBEditorSuite),
# fourcc(kAEClosedFile),
# evt_app,
# -1, # kAutoGenerateReturnID
# 0) # kAnyTransactionID
#if self.odb_token:
# evt_tok = NSAppleEventDescriptor.descriptorWithDescriptorType_data_(fourcc('****'), self.odb_token)
# evt.setParamDescriptor_forKeyword_(evt_tok, fourcc(keySenderToken))
#fsr = objc.FSRef.from_pathname(self.path).data
#evt_path = NSAppleEventDescriptor.descriptorWithDescriptorType_bytes_length_(fourcc('fsrf'),fsr,len(fsr))
#evt.setParamDescriptor_forKeyword_(evt_path, fourcc('----'))
NSLog("editing thread finished for %s" % self.path)
del pool
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