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A full-stack PHP framework, built as a learning exercise.

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Knotwerk PHP Lib

This code forms a "full-stack framework": no dependencies are required for a full MVC implementation: URL to controller routing, templated views and a collection of common model functionality. The primary focus is form generation, validation and rendering.

It has been written as a learning exercise, and is not recommended for any use other than experimentation, as it is no longer being actively developed/maintained.

The code consists of a number of loosely coupled "packages", of most interest are:

  • controllers/: controller chaining mechanism with throwable responses.
  • db/: super-thin DB access layer.
  • forms/: comprehensive form handling library with tools to build, validate, protect and render.
  • views/: php-in-HTML templating mechanism with features such as partials, placeholder, etc.
  • wiki/: simple wiki-esk text langauge parsing and display engine.

Some limited form examples are in _demo/, and further documentation is contained in the root package directory and in the top-level _docs/ directory.

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