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SleepDungeon is a simple dungeon crawler and the result of a 48 hours game jam.

The game is written in Python3 and PyGame. It features simple but nice 2D graphics and challenges you with 30 rooms over two levels.

A wallpaper for the game

The origin of the project was the 2. GameJam der Falkultät Informatik at the TU Dresden.

During the 48 hours of the GameJam the following five members of our team, each with individual skills and experiences developed the game:

A short post with a let's play of the games tutorial is also available on Karstens blog (German).

How to play the game:

Installing and running

Make sure you have Python3 and PyGame installed, then run

python3 bin/sleepdungeon

If you are too lazy for this and use windows, you can also download a binary for windows.

There is also an app for macOS available.


Use W, A, S, D or the Arrow-Keys to move the player. Change between bow and sword with E. Attack the enemies with the Spacebar. If you have a bomb in your inventory - plant it with Q.

Main menu

You can play the game in 3 different difficulties:

Easy, you will find many hearts and they will heal 2 health points.

Original mode, just as intended by the team and hard mode - you will find only a few hearts.


Collect all five keys and the motivating boss key to reach the final room.

Heal your player with hearts and collect upgrades to become stronger and faster.

The game also supports joysticks.

The first level is a little tutorial to get used to the game play. A screenshot of the first room in the game


The master branch of this repository contains an updated version of the game with additional features.

Meanwhile the original branch contains the version that was created at the GameJam with some additions, such as this Readme file or the license.


The level design is documented in this file. There also exists an early sketch of the level design: an early hand drawn sketch of the levels

Why is this game called SleepDungeon

The name of the game is derived from the name of our team, "Team sleep" and the genre of the game.


Aside from all members of the team and their work, the following external resources were used:


levelsoundtrack is a slightly modified version of La Calahorra by Rolemusic used under CC BY / Made the sound loopable

bosslevelsoundtrack is a modified version of a soundtrack by Lukas Palásti.


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