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This directory contains an OCaml implementation of a decompressor for lzo1x_1_15_compress from the LZO decompression library.

val decompress : string -> (string, [> `Msg of string]) result
(** [decompres compressed] is the LZO1x-decompressed
    [Ok decompressed]
    or [Error `Msg error_message]
    @raises Invalid_argument if an out-of-bounds write would have occurred. This is should not happen with valid data; please do send us any offending trigger strings.

Test suite

The Alcotest test suite can be run with dune runtest. It contains static known-good / known-bad cases either manually constructed or lifted from OpenVPN and minilzo.


The minilzo-2.10 subdirectory contains the minilzo distribution by Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer (under GPL license, see minilzo-2.10/COPYING). This is not used in the OCaml library, but for test case generation: The testmini.c program has been modified to produce random test cases for the Alcotest test suite. The .ocamlinit file in the directory makes utop load the relevant modules. Usage:

make gcc
while ./testmini > && utop ; do : ; done
# If an error is caught (or exception is raised), you will be left in the utop
# shell with the offending test case in `test_case.ll`

Other implementations and resources that may be of interest

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