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import numpy as np
import sys
def evaluate(model, attack, provider, start=None, end=None, deterministic=False, debug=False):
Evaluate an attack on a particular model and return attack success rate.
An attack is allowed to be adaptive, so it's fine to design the attack
based on the specific model it's supposed to break.
`start` (inclusive) and `end` (exclusive) are indices to evaluate on. If
unspecified, evaluates on the entire dataset.
`deterministic` specifies whether to seed the RNG with a constant value for
a more deterministic test (so randomly selected target classes are chosen
in a pseudorandom way).
if not provider.provides(model.dataset):
raise ValueError('provider does not provide correct dataset')
if start is not None and not (0 <= start < len(provider)):
raise ValueError('start value out of range')
if end is not None and not (0 <= end <= len(provider)):
raise ValueError('end value out of range')
threat_model = model.threat_model
targeted = threat_model.targeted
success = 0
total = 0
for i in range(start, end):
print('evaluating %d of [%d, %d)' % (i, start, end), file=sys.stderr)
total += 1
x, y = provider[i]
target = None
if targeted:
target = choose_target(i, y, model.dataset.labels, deterministic)
x_adv =, y, target)
if not threat_model.check(np.copy(x), np.copy(x_adv)):
if debug:
print('check failed', file=sys.stderr)
y_adv = model.classify(np.copy(x_adv))
if debug:
print('true = %d, adv = %d' % (y, y_adv), file=sys.stderr)
if targeted:
if y_adv == target:
success += 1
if y_adv != y:
success += 1
success_rate = success / total
return success_rate
def choose_target(index, true_label, num_labels, deterministic=False):
if deterministic:
rng = np.random.RandomState(index)
rng = np.random.RandomState()
target = true_label
while target == true_label:
target = rng.randint(0, num_labels)
return target