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Ultimo - Error

Extensive error and exception catcher

Catches all exceptions and almost all errors. The main class is the result of years of experience with several high-traffic websites.


  • Able to handle uncaught errors, such fatals and memory errors.
  • Handles each error only once, to prevent flooding of for instance a notice within a loop.
  • Only handles errors specfied by error_reporting().
  • Increases the memory limit before handling an error. This prevents a memory error within the error handler.
  • Takes errors, fatals and exceptions within each handler function into account. Only fatal errors within fatal error handling are impossible to handle.
  • Has the same abilities to log and ignore repeated errors as the default error handling. Uses the php ini settings for this, but these may be overridden.
  • Two (sample) handlers are provided:
  • ErrorPrinter: Just prints errors
  • ErrorCarer: Mails errors


  • PHP 5.3


Register an ErrorHandler first, as anything may trigger errors or exceptions. You have to trust the ErrorHandler itself not to trigger errors though.

// require the ErrorHandler manually, as an autoloading mechanism may trigger errors

// register errorHandler (for fatals)
$errorHandler = new \ultimo\debug\error\ErrorPrinter();

// ... Start your script or application

// unregister errorHandler (to indicate there was no fatal)

// End of script or application