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Book Reading List


Book reading list app.


This app is a demo of some of my coding practices:

  • HTML
    • Form elements contain ARIA attributes for accessibility.
    • Add book validation is simply managed by the required attribute on the input field. If used in production, the validation would be a more elegant solution with consistent cross-browser support.
  • CSS
    • If used in a production context, I would consider using Normalize.css, which would mean rewriting some of the existing custom CSS in this project.
    • CSS uses BEM methodology.
    • Flexbox and Grid is used for some layout.
    • The project is too small to justify the use of Sass.
    • CSS logical properties are used in place of physical counterparts for testing. If in production, I would consider using them only in combination with this PostCSS plugin.
    • If used in a production context, Autoprefixer and minification would be used. Ensure Autoprefixer Grid settings are set to true either via JS or control comments
  • JavaScript
    • The app uses both vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.
    • ES6 (ES2015) is used e.g. const, let, arrow functions, for..of loops.
    • If used in a production context, Babel would be used to compile the JavaScript down to ES5 and then optimised using a tool like UglifyJS.
    • Any changed data is not persistent.

The original book list is static and hardcoded. It is hidden when the Open Library API call is made, which then populates the list.


  • No need to add IE11 fallbacks for CSS Grid with the CSS as it stands. Only consider fallbacks if Grid features are used that aren't supported by IE11 e.g. grid-auto-rows and span


book-reading-list is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2